Helene en ClarineWHO IS JIKX

We are Clarine and Hélène. Two happy, hardworking women, with a busy social live an active family. To look hip and elegant every day is sometimes a challenge. We both found the answer in silk tops, because they are elegant and easy to wear. But as always, the perfect one was hard to find. We were looking for the right quality, different colors and unique prints. With a cup of coffee at the kitchen table came the idea. Coincidence or not, you can call it what you like, but that day we wore the exact same silk top. There appeared to be only one solution…

‘Why not start it ourselves?’

With the right amount of courage and loads of enthusiasm, we asked advice from experts in the fashion industry. We were sure, it needed to be an easy to wear, qualitative and elegant garment. But every conversation came down to the same thing: don’t do it. They all advised against it, but with our adventurous nature and creative mind we decided to follow our hearts and intuition and ignore the advice. In 2013 the first 100% silk JIKX top was a fact.

You can find our creativity and courage back in our designs. Besides timeless, basic colors, we use bright modern colors and unique, striking prints. We use your feedback to optimize our tops, sizes, and quality and to introduce beautiful new colors, lace and designs. For every day, every occasion, sporty or chique. It’s a silk top with endless opportunities.

JIKX stands for quality, simplicity and elegance. A silk JIKX top shows that something very delicate can be extremely powerful. Every women needs to shine and the right clothes can give just that little extra. It’s our mission with JIKX to encourage all the women around the world to be aware of their own power and make them feel beautiful.

Love, JIKX

For every woman, every body, every day