Directly try and buy the Jikx tops? Go to one of the stores that sell Jikx.

  • Altanzza, Rotterdam
  • Black, Denneweg 110A, Den Haag
  • By Loft, Spiegelstraat Bussum
  • Bibi’s, Spiegelstraat Bussum
  • Buise, Cornelis Schuytstraat, Amsterdam
  • ElleBelle, Cornelis Schuytstraat, Amsterdam
  • Depeche, Den Bosch
  • Gentle, Oisterwijk
  • Inverno, Someren
  • Rubia, Roosendaal
  • Keep it a secret Store/ webshop
  • Pretty Girl. Leiden
  • Lace, Best
  • La Scala, Helmond
  • Poppies a little Store, Woerden
  • Tutti Bella, Uden